Art by Color

This week I’m featuring art in the color indigo! Here is some beautiful indigo art, all of which are available on Etsy.


1. Memphis Watercolor Painting ($360.00) via Summit Ridge on Etsy,
(Also check out Summit Ridge’s website here:
2. Indigo Blue Abstract Painting ($350.00) via Robyn Muller on Etsy, (Note: she offers FREE SHIPPING!)
3. Dreamy Mist Photograph ($30.00) via Black Cat Photographs (Bonnie C.) on Etsy,
4. Hand Dyed Indigo Wave Art Quilt ($50.00) via The Cloistered Lamb (Mandy Pedigo) on Etsy,
(Also check out Mandy’s website here:
5. Shibori Scarf ($75.42) via POM by Pomegranate (Jacinta Sobey) on Etsy,
(Also be sure to check out Jacinta’s blog here:
6. Blue Abstract Painting ($200.00) via Kirsten Elizabeth Gilmore on Etsy,

Also, check out my Pinterest Board “Blue, Violet & Indigo” for some more inspiration organized by color:


Have your own indigo art? Leave links in the comments section!


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3 responses to “Art by Color

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for featuring my Memphis watercolor map.

  2. Jenna, I wanted to send this (very belated) thank you for including my blue abstract painting (#6) in your collection. Also congratulations on growing such a beautiful blog! I’ve been looking through your “Art by Color” features and love the mix of abstract and realistic examples, all tastefully curated. :)

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