Art and Cultural Change

“I was interested in the idea of why and how I could create a new story, a new narrative in art history and a new narrative in the world. And to do this, I knew that I had to see the way in which artists work, understand the artist’s studio as a laboratory, imagine, then, reinventing the museum as a think tank and looking at the exhibition as the ultimate white paper — asking questions, providing the space to look and to think about answers.”

“Can a museum be a catalyst in a community? Can a museum house artists and allow them to be change agents as communities rethink themselves?…. Think about artists, not as content providers, though they can be brilliant at that, but, again, as real catalysts.


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2 responses to “Art and Cultural Change

  1. Yes indeed! I’ve wondered this myself Jenna. Thinking about artist like Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Richard Diebenkorn….just to name a few. They set the bar for decades. I would hope that the painters of today can bring forth fresh ideas or build from old ones and that someday we will be looked upon in the same light.

  2. Absolutely! I think we all struggle with that– with all the history that comes before us, how can we create something that is really NEW?

    Thanks for your comment!

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