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Book Sculptures + Photography, by Cara Barer

Cara Barer describes her work: “I realized I owned many books that were no longer of use to me, or for that matter, anyone else. Would I ever need “Windows 95?” After soaking it in the bathtub for a few hours, it had a new shape and purpose… Each book tells me how to begin according to its size, type of paper, and sometimes contents.”

Be sure to check out Barer’s website, http://www.carabarer.com/, as well as her blogs.

Also check out this awesome post by Julie’s Borrowed Books which features more works by Barer and other amazing examples of book art: http://juliesborrowedbooks.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/books-arent-just-for-reading/

I don’t have a Pinterest board devoted to book art to send you to, but Julie’s Borrowed Books does! Find it here: http://www.pinterest.com/juliesbooks/book-art/

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