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New Fibers & Watercolor Painting

Here’s the first new mixed-media work (more coming soon!)

It is available in my shop, Musical Color Studio. Please pin and share!

Title: Sound it Out

Size: 8×10 inches

Medium: Cotton thread and watercolor on paper



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Coming Soon! Textile Art Prints


I’ve been working on something new for Musical Color Studio– art prints (on paper) of my textile art (dyed or painted fabric work).

…So instead of selling a textile wall hanging, for hundreds of dollars, I can make open-edition prints of details from the fabric itself (for a much lower cost, of course!)

The prints look very similar to the fabric originals, with the warp and weft texture of the fabric and the rich colors of the dyes, so when they are hanging in a frame, it just looks like a framed piece of textile art! What do you think? (I’ll post again once they are available in my shop!)


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Fiber Art, Pt. II

More fiber art inspiration!

This time, I’ve included some of my own stitched fibers on watercolor paintings, and there’s also a silk painting, a fabric staircase installation, woven textiles, some beaded feet/socks (?), and an embroidered leaf… Enjoy!


Find more inspiration here: http://pinterest.com/jennabdecker/fibers-textiles-embroidery/

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Fiber Arts, Pt. I

Inspiration ranging from embroidered plastic bags or scissor handles to thread sculptures to shibori to sculptural fabric in the shape of a dress… Fiber art never fails to impress.

…to be continued! Find more inspiration here: http://pinterest.com/jennabdecker/fibers-textiles-embroidery/ I do not own any of the above images, the artists are credited in the image titles, I am simply an admirer!

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Briar Mark: This Would Have Taken 8 Seconds to Type

I love Briar Mark’s stitched posters. A playful approach in pointing out the differences between handmade and computer-generated…

I need to play this video whenever someone tells me “you know you could just do that on a computer”. Look at the work/thought/time painstakingly put into all of those stitches! True creativity is unleashed when you’re working with your hands…

Find out more about Briar Mark:

her portfolio: http://cargocollective.com/briarmark

and her tumblr: http://briarmark.tumblr.com/

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