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Fiber Arts, Pt. I

Inspiration ranging from embroidered plastic bags or scissor handles to thread sculptures to shibori to sculptural fabric in the shape of a dress… Fiber art never fails to impress.

…to be continued! Find more inspiration here: http://pinterest.com/jennabdecker/fibers-textiles-embroidery/ I do not own any of the above images, the artists are credited in the image titles, I am simply an admirer!

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Briar Mark: This Would Have Taken 8 Seconds to Type

I love Briar Mark’s stitched posters. A playful approach in pointing out the differences between handmade and computer-generated…

I need to play this video whenever someone tells me “you know you could just do that on a computer”. Look at the work/thought/time painstakingly put into all of those stitches! True creativity is unleashed when you’re working with your hands…

Find out more about Briar Mark:

her portfolio: http://cargocollective.com/briarmark

and her tumblr: http://briarmark.tumblr.com/

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