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Living, Breathing Canvas

Alexa Meade paints on living subjects. Instead of creating the illusion of 3-D on a 2-D canvas, she creates the illusion of a 2-D canvas on living 3-D subjects. She explores space, light, and surface- by paintingĀ on humans.

Keep in mind that these are photographs of people, painted on with real paint, to mimic paintings of people…

In her own words:

“as you’re willing to look beyond what’s already been brought to light, that you can see what’s below the surface, hiding in the shadows, and recognize that there can be more there than meets the eye”


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Everyday Scenes within a 3D and 2D World

Wordless Wednesday! Here’s some visual inspiration from Shintaro Ohata, an artist who combines 3D and 2D artwork by placing sculptures in front of paintings. So innovative (and beautiful)! Find out more about him here: http://yukari-art.jp/en/shintaro_ohata_en

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