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On Mute: Art by Color

Muted colors & pastels in photographs, woven fibers, and paintings:


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Check out my new treasury, Drawing with Pastel Crayons


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Sculpture & Installation

The above sculptures/installations are just a few of my favorites (I love their color, texture, and sense of movement!) that are also on my pinterest board http://www.pinterest.com/jennabdecker/installation-3d-street-art/


Taking Imagination Seriously – (the second-to-last image is a fiber art installation by Janet Echelman, this is a feature I wrote about her back in May)

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More Strange and Beautiful Landscapes

[Only one of the above images belongs to me, the others belong to the artists stated.]


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Strange and Beautiful Landscapes

Eerie, abstract, colorful and surreal places from some well-established artists (like Egon Schiele) and some contemporary finds…

…to be continued! In the meantime, check out my pinterest for more inspiring art! http://pinterest.com/jennabdecker/

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