Completed Bachelor of Art Degree in Arts and Letters in May 2012 with an individualized study program including in-depth study of Studio Art/Fine Art, Art History, and Psychology.


With a contemporary approach to mixed-media, her most recent work blends nonrepresentational acrylic and/or watercolor paintings with textiles and fibers stitched directly onto the canvas or paper. As a synesthete, her inspiration stems naturally from light, color, and music. Inspiration is also found in nature, geometry, happy accidents, and a love of learning new artistic mediums and techniques.


Located in Upstate New York

Email: musicalcolorstudio@gmail.com

Shop:  www.musicalcolorstudio.etsy.com

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/jennabdecker/


About the Blog:

The blog’s only purpose is to share art (my own work as well as feature artists I am inspired by) and anything about art (videos, quotes, etc). Please know that I do not intend to infringe on any copyrights- I am very careful to caption and give credit to the artists to whom the images belong. If you do not want your work featured, or if I have captioned your work incorrectly, contact me and I will immediately remove or update any images.

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